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About Author

For me, It’s all about helping people realize that they’re not alone. By sharing our wisdom and experiences, we help each other.

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We all make mistakes. These experiences aren't stumbling blocks; they're stepping stones to learning, gaining knowledge and wisdom, enabling us to heal and grow as healthy, happy, unique individuals.
Queen WIllow

A Little About Me

Greetings, So excited to meet you!  I wanted to share a bit about myself with you.Well let’s see, I’m a beautiful woman in her fifties. Mother of 5 beautiful amazingly unique children & currently an empty nester. (that’s a story all of its own lol) I’ve been married twice, divorce and experienced widowhood. Most importantly  a survivor of domestic violence, And that is just part of my story. I enjoy being in nature,  I love gardening but I’m scared of the bugs.  Cooking for others while listening to music is what you will often find me doing while dancing around my house. ( No I can’t dance but I definitely try)

But above all, I find my greatest passion & satisfaction in helping others. Rather it’s offering a listening ear, picking you up from the store, or cooking you a meal while we look at our current situations from a different perspective so that we can find a healthy, peaceful ,loving solution where everyone is happy. Yes I believe, I can save the world with a good meal and a positive outlook and peaceful approach to your situation.

Ok yeah that was a bit dramatic but hey it’s ME! 

Seriously ! 

I’ve faced a lot in my life, and had to overcome many obstacles that truly should have taken me out both mentally and physically . I have made many bad choices that if I could take them back I definitely would. Today  I say Thank you God for keeping me, guiding me, protecting me and providing for me and my family.  

  I refuse to sit and wallow in my mistakes and poor choices. Instead I am learning to embrace all of my experiences, learn from them and share them with others in order to break the unhealthy cycles that seem to plague humanity., 

 My hope as I continue my journey is to share my experiences so that it  might empower others to self-reflect, in order to  understand themselves better and improve their relationship with themselves and those around them. If I can help at least one person to love themselves and embrace their experiences and evolve in their way of viewing  themselves and those around them then I have done my part in empowering someone to live a Happy Healthy Peaceful Life !

Queen Willow