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My Butterfly Journey

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation? My Butterfly Journey Journal is the perfect companion for every adventurer seeking to heal, reflect, and inspire.

History Written In Our Own Words Journal Collection

History is Written By one who chooses to correctly record the events as they have occurred from the writer's perspective and point of view

Getting To Know Myself on All Levels Journal Collection

Unlock Your True Potential with our Getting to Know Myself On All Levels Journal Collection This 90-day guided journal collection dives deep into how our environment impacts our outlook. Become positive, grounded, and in control of your self-image as you learn to identify and then modify the external forces that no longer serve your highest and best!

Bought the first jounal in the Getting to know myself on all levels collection. I was surprised how enviornment played such a big role on how I was feeling about myself. Excited to order the rest of the collection

Mrs. Hatcher


QW Journals & Gifts! Offers gifts that will Create an intentional atmosphere of Abundance & Peace in your home or office. With our unique selection of guided journals, soy candles, incense,planners & unique gifts.- you'll find everything you need to create the intentional ambiance you desire!".

As I am learning more about myself , I’m dumping the old hand-me-downs that no longer serve my higher self.

 Rekindling my love of  journaling  has definitely played a huge role in my ability to learn  more about myself and my belief system.


I believe that journaling is a powerful tool for self-expression and self-reflection.  Journaling gives you  the ability to use your voice to build a bridge between who you are and who you want to be. 


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Looking for Guidance & Support

“Elevate your mindset and empower yourself: QW Words to Empower grants you the opportunity to explore new perspectives and make a lasting transformation – offering a pathway to peace, abundance and harmony.”