Collection: Getting to know myself on all levels Journal Collection


Studies have  shown that journaling is one of the most effective and widely recognized tools used, when assisting others on their journey into getting to know themselves better.

 When we sit down and write, we  are  focusing our energy and intentions  into the words that we are putting down on paper “Personally I believe when we can sit down, with  a pen, paper  or keyboard ( technology got too love it ) and begin to write, we are opening the portal to our very souls.”

  Enough with the speech let's get started!

This four part  journal collection is intended as an aid  to help us get to  know ourselves, on a more in depth  level. 

For the next 90 days Our focus will be on :

What do we see on a daily basis?

What do we hear on a daily basis?

What do we hear others say to us on a daily basis?

Be honest there is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Write from the heart what you  truly see, hear & feel.  When we go to work what does this look like on a daily basis? What does our  daily environment look like, what sound do we hear everyday, and how do people speak to us on a daily basis? This is meant to give us an outlook at our daily lives and how it affects how we are viewing ourselves and others around us.